Never lose another reference.

Allusion is a tool built for artists, aimed to help you organize your Visual Library – A single place that contains your entire collection of references, inspiration and any other kinds of images.

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Allusion and PureRef in Harmony

We understand that artists like to use PureRef. Allusion focuses on managing your image library, while PureRef is typically used on a per project basis. Our application was designed to be a complementary tool to PureRef by supporting easy drag and drop between the two.

Watched Folders

Allusion uses watched folders to access your library. Select any folder and all images inside will appear in Allusion. You can add and remove images from your folder without any additional steps. Your data always remains in your hands.

Tag Hierarchy

Tags are a convenient tool to manage image libraries. Allusion builds upon this strength by allowing hierarchical tag structures. Organizing tags in this way provides more control and a better overview.


With Allusion you can easily find any image based on various criteria. You can filter according to source folders, tags as well as other metadata. You can even combine multiple queries with the advanced search interface.

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Allusion is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can download it through the links below.

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